Find Your Discount Parking Coupons For All NYC And New York City Areas

Find Parking in Brooklyn, NYC

So in this new post about finding the best parking in New York, I will write a little bit about how to find the discount parking coupons for Brooklyn.

I often find myself having to go to Brooklyn for work and my commute is a bit of a pain.  Before I set out on my trip I want to make sure I have looked online for information about parking in Brooklyn.  Definitely avoid the urge to do any illegal parking and it is very difficult to find free parking anywhere near where my secondary office is.

If you don’t want to use the online information one of the Park Slope inventors have made a company called Roadify that might also work as a solution for your parking needs.  You can use Twitter and texting services to find the nearest NYC street parking according to your GPS location.  I definitely think you should give this a try and also keep using the online resources in order to find the best parking NYC.

Hopefully this has been a helpful blog post about how you can alleviate your problems when trying to find those elusive parking spots in New York City.

Discount Parking Coupons

The Theater district is one of the best places for me to illustrate why discount parking coupons can be so beneficial.  I would never say New York City is especially friendly to cars but sometimes your planning will take you into the heart of one of the most traffic congested places in the world.

I don’t often encourage driving into Manhattan especially because of the constant road work, construction and rush hour delays in traffic.  This is where you will find some of the best entertainment in NYC so there is definitely no getting around this fact.  Here are some tips to avoid getting parking tickets or paying out the nose for your parking.

Keep in mind the following when you are driving into New York City

Don’t Turn on Red – unlike most any other North American city you cannot turn on a red light in any circumstance unless you have a light indicating you can do so.

Signage is Key –  You have to keep your head on a swivel to find the best parking in NYC and being able to read the latest signage for rules, detours etc.  Most of these signs are put in place to remove the heavy congestion traffic and other people trying to find free parking.

Watch Out For People – You never want to be on the other end of a potential lawsuit so on top of reading the signs please watch out for other people when you are looking for a parking lot nyc.

Plan Your Parking – You will be blown away by how the rates will vary even from one parking garage across the street from one another.  You can look online for the best deals by entering your arrival and departure times online and you can find the prices and compare from there.  A little bit of pre-trip planning will save you a lot of money when it comes to planning.

Read The Fine Print  – Don’t be afraid to ask the NYC parking attendant on the actual rates for NYC parking garage coupons. Depending on which parking garage you visit there can be a lot of hidden costs or limited time only prices for your NYC parking.  For example you can find a 5 dollar a day parking rate but that is only good for up to 3 hours.

Parking Tickets  - If you park illegally in order to save some money, you will more than likely get a ticket.  NYC has some of the most advanced and high tech resources at their disposal to find people parking illegally.  Your best bet to avoid this is to look for cheap parking NYC coupons and avoid the headache of getting fined or even towed.





New York City Parking Coupons

The cost of monthly parking nyc in New York city can definitely add up.  The best way to save yourself some money when using any of the monthly garages in New York to park is to use parking coupons.  You are basically leaving money on the table if you don’t use this method of saving yourself money.

Street parking in NYC is definitely only suitable for short term visits but it doesn’t help you if you have to commute daily into one of the many areas of New York City.  Luckily for you, there are a few ways to help you save money through the various nyc parking discounts.  If you do a simple google search you might be able to find some vouchers to print that will offer you a great deal on downtown parking.

Personally my favorite way to save money for nyc cheap parking is to go this method.  When planning my trip to Manhattan for example I will go online and look at the parking garage locator.  I can then check these garage locations against what daily coupons I can find.  I have saved hundreds of dollars this year alone with this discount parking method and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to save money.

I find the busiest areas like the Broadway district are usually the most expensive when it comes to looking for a good price but don’t worry it is possible to find a deal.  Looking online is the best place to find your parking discounts and your wallet will definitely thank you.

So this is the reason I started my New York city parking coupons blog so I can help pass along the savings to average New Yorkers or even visitors driving in from other neighboring States.  In the next post I will go into more detail about the various garage locations where I frequently use and break it down into specific areas of Manhattan.

I also plan on making more information to help you with your parking needs in Brooklyn and Queens.  Stay tuned and thank you for visiting my website.